Perl-Lint [no-lint](a33a8b01e6) FAIL


Elapsed Time: 6 sec

_ 2015-03-26T19:26:23 [INFO] [no-lint] ukigumo-client 0.36
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:23 [INFO] [no-lint] start testing : no-lint
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:23 [INFO] [no-lint] working directory : /tmp/Perl-Lint/no-lint
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:23 [INFO] [no-lint] run vc : Ukigumo::Client::VC::Git
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:23 [INFO] [no-lint] workdir is /tmp/Perl-Lint/no-lint
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:23 [INFO] [no-lint] command: git clone --branch no-lint ./
_ Cloning into '.'...
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:27 [INFO] [no-lint] command: git pull -f origin no-lint
_ From
_  * branch            no-lint    -> FETCH_HEAD
_ Already up-to-date.
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:28 [INFO] [no-lint] command: git submodule init
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:28 [INFO] [no-lint] command: git submodule update
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:28 [INFO] [no-lint] command: git clean -dxf
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:28 [INFO] [no-lint] command: git status
_ # On branch no-lint
_ nothing to commit, working directory clean
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:28 [INFO] [no-lint] [before_install] cpanm -L $HOME/.ukigumo/perl-lint/extlib --installdeps -n .
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:29 [INFO] [no-lint] [install] ln -s $HOME/.ukigumo/perl-lint/extlib ./extlib
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:29 [INFO] [no-lint] [before_script] perl t/Policy/Variables/require_localized_punctuation_vars.PL
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:29 [INFO] [no-lint] [before_script] perl t/Policy/ControlStructures/prohibit_negative_expressions_in_unless_and_until_conditions.PL
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:29 [WARN] [no-lint] Failure in before_script: perl t/Policy/ControlStructures/prohibit_negative_expressions_in_unless_and_until_conditions.PL
_ 2015-03-26T19:26:29 [INFO] [no-lint] sending result to server at (status: 2)